Find the TruYou™ with our DNA test and Body Composition Analysis, and have a personalized program created to slim down and get healthy!

Starting at $295
individual consultations
Our PlainSmart Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are the heart of your personalized program, providing the highest level of nutrition counseling personally customized for you.
progressive technologies
Learn which nutrition and physical activities are most effective for your long-term wellness and weight management goals with TruYou technologies, including DNA testing and Body Composition Analysis.
personalized programs
Your wellness and weight management program is personalized according to your TruYou genetic and body composition needs, and is focused on nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle change.
a weight management program as unique as you are
Lose up to 76% more weight than on plans without genetic profile customization.*
A program personalized according to PlainSmart’s TruYou DNA and body composition results ensure your weight management plan is perfectly suited to any unique genetic, wellness, and weight management needs. Schedule individual consultations with PlainSmart medical professionals and receive one-on-one care for effective weight loss, lifelong nutrition education, and long-term weight management success. Your customized program offers nutritious and delicious meal plans, physical activity suggestions according to your genetic makeup, and lifestyle suggestions for long-term success.

*According to a two-year randomized trial: Preventing Overweight Using Novel Dietary Strategies (Pounds Lost). Circulation 124, 563-71, 2011.