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The health industry is evolving. Keep up with the latest wellness and nutrition science at PlainSmart.

The health, wellness, and weight loss industry has been cluttered with trendy diets and inaccurate health and nutrition information for decades. The birth of the Internet has only accelerated these fads, many of which may not only yield incorrect information, but may also be downright dangerous.

Where can you turn for accurate, science-based nutrition guidance? How can you develop healthy habits for a lifetime, without missing out on your favorite foods and activities? At PlainSmart, we can help.

We are ready to accelerate your health and weight loss initiatives… are you? If so, connect with a PlainSmart dietitian today.
who is PlainSmart
In 2015, the founders of PlainSmart Wellness and Weight Management decided to turn the industry on its head. Instead of the typical and boring one-size-fits-all or fad-diet approaches, we decided to offer everyday people the tools and counseling they need to actually change their lives.

Personalized nutrition coaching and fitness advice from medical professionals
Innovative and science-based diagnostic tools like our PlainSmart DNA and BCA profiles
Goal benchmarking and success monitoring through body composition change and meal and activity tracking technologies

a new path to health and wellness
At PlainSmart, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are the very heart of your program. Our RDNs provide you with the highest level of nutritional counseling, as well as health and wellness support and guidance.

We use our exclusive PlainSmart diagnostic tools, such as DNA testing and body composition analyses, to gain a better understanding of each person’s history, and your current and potential health needs. We work with each client individually so you receive the one-on-one attention, education, and empowerment you deserve.

technology and tools for success
As self-proclaimed science nerds, PlainSmart RDNs appreciate having the latest nutrition and wellness technology available at our fingertips. Nutrigenetics research, which utilizes DNA results to understand individuals' unique nutrition needs, and body composition analyses, which use bioelectrical impedance to benchmark and measure changes in fat distribution throughout your body, have both contributed to better long-term health and nutrition, and improved weight loss results.

PlainSmart RDNs also help you monitor your nutrition and physical activity with meal planning tools and digital fitness trackers, so we can suggest positive changes that help you reach practical goals with a significant impact over time.

Are you ready to feel empowered to become your healthiest and slimmest you? Consult with your very own PlainSmart RDN today.