Diabetes? Kidney disease? We now accept Medicare for medical nutrition therapy. Call us today to learn more.
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Get professional support
throughout your wellness
journey with PlainSmart.

Your PlainSmart program is built by and with medical professionals and specialists who empower you to take charge of your weight and health to achieve your long-term goals.

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) have extensive education includes biology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, food science, and medical nutrition therapy, among others. What’s even better is that we combine our training and experience with our genuine passion to help you create a lifestyle for real change.

Are you ready to work with a professional who can guide you to a higher level of health and wellness? Schedule your appointment with a PlainSmart Registered Dietitian Nutritionist today.
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Kassandra Gyimesi, RDN
Clinical Nutrition Director
"My goal is to offer lifetime nutrition plans that are medically sound and realistic, tailored for each person’s needs and lifestyle. I've never been more excited about the diagnostic tools at my disposal, such as our PlainSmart DNA testing. Using this information, I work with my clients to help educate and support them. I do consider it an honor to be part of their wellness journeys."

Jessica Lund, Clinic Manager
“I am excited to work with this excellent team of people to help others achieve their health and wellness goals.”
Michael Ostrow, RDN
"Many people who have tried to lose weight either thought the program was too difficult or had trouble maintaining their weight. As a dietitian, I make small lifestyle changes with my clients to help them lose weight comfortably and maintain their goal weight."
Denise Carruth, RDN
"Everyone is unique. I'm excited to use medical science to personalize plans to meet my clients’ specific needs."
Rachel Fuenning, RDN, PT
“I enjoy helping my clients achieve the lifestyles they want through both physical activity and nutrition that's right for each unique individual.”
PlainSmart RDNs are your accountability partners to educate, coach, and motivate so you can finally slim down in a healthy way that lasts a lifetime! Consult with your own PlainSmart dietitian today.