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Personalized nutrition
counseling from dietitians
educate and empower you.

Nutrition and diet fads are everywhere…so how do you know what’s real in an industry filled with clutter?

PlainSmart Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) provide the highest level of nutrition counseling with science-based programs personalized for your specific health needs. Armed with your PlainSmart DNA and body composition analysis results, they discuss your lifestyle, food and fitness preferences, medical history, and any additional needs unique to you, to create practical yet results-driven goals for real life change.
Are you ready to take charge of your own wellness or weight loss needs? Meet with a PlainSmart Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and get your own personalized wellness plan today.
achieve health and weight goals
What areyour weight loss or health goals? Our PlainSmart RDNs can empower you to take charge of your weight and health by teaching you crucial nutrition and lifestyle skills that will help you achieve long-term goals. During your individual consultations, our RDNs help you:

Break through your weight loss plateaus
Increase your energy levels
Boost your immunity
Improve your digestive health
Improve the quality of your sleep
Improve your athletic performance
Decrease your need for certain prescriptions
Elevate your mood
weight loss beyond nutrition
Do you have support from family or friends, or do you experience “diet sabotage” from those closest to you? Does work get in the way when you want to eat a more nutritious and healthy diet or lessen your snacking? Do you have emotional ties to food and struggle to modify how you eat?

PlainSmart RDNs are your accountability partners to help you understand how these issues affect your eating behaviors, as well as to empathetically educate, coach, and motivate you to modify old behaviors so you can finally slim down in a healthy way that lasts a lifetime!

our RDN advantage
Our PlainSmart RDNs earned their Bachelor’s degrees in nutrition, completed 1,200-hour supervised internships and passed national credentialing examinations. Our RDNs have extensive education in the science of nutrition, including biology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, food science, and medical nutrition therapy, among others. PlainSmart RDNs also participate continuing education classes for the most current scientific nutrition information, to provide you with sound advice in an industry full of noise and clutter.

Learn what an expert in the field of nutrition can do for your wellness and weight management program.

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